Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare Inc. - OC-PAW
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One Act Revolution - Make A Dream Come True
Who would have thought a bus seat could set the world on fire? Who knew what two young brothers could do together? Get motivated, get inspired - it's the little things that make the biggest impact on ...
   Southwest Elementary School's Third Grade Class (located in Jacksonville NC), and their teacher Anna Barnoski presented OC-PAW with a check for $500.00.  The funds were raised by the class by choosing a project that they sold to the other children in their school.
     They then picked a list of charities that they wanted to help and show their support.  They decided on one that was helping animals.....and we are so very proud that they chose us.
     The video "Service Dog", which is also featured on our website was what showed the class  what a service dog's job was and what they can accomplish. The video pointed out to them all the hard work in training the dogs and realizing their true potential.     An anonymous donor was so impressed by what this third grade class had accomplished, that he matched their gift.  We now have $1000.00 that will be used in the support and development of someone needing a service dog.
     What an inspiration these little ones are, filled with hope and compassion for others.  I would also like to thank their teacher Anna  Barnoski for the encouragement and inspiration that she provided to her class. 
A special thank you to Joe and Helen Flood, OC-PAW Foster and Rescue Educators, who brought Clancy to the school for a visit. And to Kathleen Kaschak Cahill, OC-PAW Special Assistant and Advisor.