Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare Inc. - OC-PAW
Our Mission Statement:
 We consist of individuals who are highly motivated animal advocates  who maintain a program of low cost spay and neuter certificates for qualified Onslow residents who adopt from any shelter.  Provide insight and information regarding affordable spay/neuter clinics for domestic animals and feral cats. Offering continued emphasis on education and public awareness of current legislation regarding animal welfare issues. A commitment to facilitate and empower our County residents who are willing to foster stray companion animals that they have found, by acting as an Animal Welfare Liaison.  To accomplish this goal OCPAW provides food, vaccines, needed medical assistance and behavioral counseling to help those animals find a new home. 
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Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare (OC-PAW) is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation of Onslow County NC,  that is funded entirely by donations and fundraisers which are tax deductible.

DottyAnn Harding                          Founder of OCPAW in 2009, President &                                                                      CEO,Board Member
                                                     Retired OR RN, Retail Owner-Manager, President
                                                     Forked River Chamber of Commerce (1986),
                                                     Sneads Ferry Rotary Membership Chairman                                                                (2013-2015), Onslow County Animal Services                                                              Advisory Committee (2011-2013)
                                                     HSUS 3 Congressional District Leader

Shannon Major                             Owner/Operator PetMart Sneads Ferry, NC
                                                      Board Member

Donna Plowman                           Event Planner Now in her forth year with our                                                                       largest fundraiser "Cause for the Paws"owner                                                             of "Kiss the Bride Event Planner and                                                                           Consultant. Board Member.

Jean H. Cole                                 Event Planner, 2016 Onslow Lightkeeper  Festival                                                       of Trees working toward an Onslow Hospice House                                                     for 13 years. Board Member

Mark E.J. Harding, Esq                Attorney/Accountant/Adviser, Board Member, 
                                                   Sneads Ferry, NC 

Chief Executive Officers

Laura Mortelli                               Finance/Budget Her professional background                                                                     includes being a research analyst, strategic                                                                planner and currently a budget director for                                                                  Wilmington NC  

Dr. Dante Martin,DVM                        Owner of Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital.   

Sandra Harknett                            Owner of Purrfect Pooches Dog Training:
                                                                 Animal Behavior College Certified Dog
                                                                 Dog Evaluator.   TADSAW( a veteran &                                                                        service dog program)    

 Jack Floyd                                   Programming & Communication:       President –                                                                 Animal Shelter’s Best Friend, a software                                                                     non-profit dedicated to improving                                                                               the record-keeping of animal organizations.
                                                              Fifteen year volunteer for animal                                                                                 organizations.                                                                              

Amanda Elting                               Foster Coordinator: Responsible for co-ordination                                                               and communication with all fosters.

We  issuevouchers for animals to be spayed/neutered and provide all medical expenses, vaccinations and food to those who are fostering animals. We have found homes for hundreds of animals but still remain focused on staying involved in legislative animal welfare issues for changes to occur state-wide.  Great shelter reform occurred  after a year of fact finding in 2010 which was produced to then former County Commissioner Bill Keller who then presented the situation to the other County Commissioners  to move Animal Control from under the Health Department to under the authority of the County Commissioners. Ultimately Director Alan Davis was hired who made amazing shelter improvements in the lives of the animals. Euthanasia declined, adoption and rescues increased, more staff were hired and volunteers  were encouraged along with the development of military volunteer relationships,  overall condition and appearance of the physical structure was  upgraded, a dog park was added for the dogs to run and play, new computer and phone systems to handle the large volume of calls, heating and cooling  of the shelter finally occurred, staff was increased, new flooring for waste disposal, veterinary care was provided in-house, a vet tech was hired, vaccinations were given and huge grants obtained for the spaying & neutering of the animals of Onslow County,  and the Advisory Committee was formed. 
We continue to work on the County Animal Ordinances.