Onslow County Partners for Animal Welfare Inc. - OC-PAW
OCPAW has different levels of assistance in our spay/neuter program. If you would like to see if you could quality for additional financial assistance please just send us the application (application click here) and proof of assistance you are currently receiving.  
Our regular program for low income and military is $39.95 per application which is partnered with matching funds from our organization.  With many veterinary hospitals our voucher is then valued at $80.00 and will cover all if not most of the charges incurred for the procedure.  However, as stated on the voucher the fee you will be charged varies with the veterinary hospital that you choose.

Partners for Animal Welfare Inc. (OCPAW) would like to thank Dr. Robert Sheegog, of the Onslow Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, for supporting our organization’s PawsAbility Spay/Neuter program.  Dr. Sheegog has volunteered to perform four spay/neuter procedures every month for dogs or cats of Onslow County. Through his generosity these procedures are deeply discounted to residents that qualify.  Registration for appointments with Dr. Sheegog are made through an application which is available on our website (www.oc-paw.com) with complete instructions.  If every veterinary hospital in Onslow County would join in this effort it would greatly help to reduce the amount of unwanted litters of our companion animals.  These unwanted litters bring great expense to county taxpayers and suffering/abuse that comes to unwanted puppies and kittens.  Please call 910.745.7930 for any needed additional information or email ocpaw@yahoo.com to join us in this most worthy effort.  Materials acknowledging their dedication and service to the community will be placed in the offices of those participating veterinary hospitals involved in this community outreach for PawsAbility. . Our PawsAbility Program is supported by our annual fundraiser, “The Cause for the Paws” and Dr. Robert Sheegog of Onslow Animal Hospital in Jacksonville. Additional funding comes from the Dallas Fred Allen Endowment working with Onslow Caring Communities Foundation, an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation.