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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Turning Japanese

Taken from the Terrierman's Daily Dose

U.S. blood and treasure are spentpropping up oil-soaked totalitarian regimes in the Middle East, but no one ever suggests that population growth is part of the problem.   Instead, the problem is "consumption" or "the oil companies" or "the politicians," but never lack of birth control, or pro-natalist policies that subsidize large families, or runaway open-border immigration back home.


Please be aware that young puppies are very susceptible to Parvovirus – a highly contagious and deadly viral illness. All of our puppies are given vaccinations appropriate to their age and kept in isolation.
Puppies do not have full immunity from this disease until they receive their third vaccination. Many puppies are adopted before they are old enough to receive their third shot. For this reason, it is very important that you do not take your new puppy to places where he/she could be exposed to Parvovirus -i.

Recent Opinion Blog Posted in the Daily

A new approach to animal control
2011-02-28 18:59:19
While additional bureaucracy is not usually productive, Onslow County’s newly created Animal Services Department may be a rare exception.

The new department replaces Animal Control, previously housed under the county’s Health Department, which controls a full menu of health-related services that range from restaurant inspections to vaccinations to septic tank permits.

In its former guise, Animal Control has served mostly to house animals that were turned in or picked up until either their owners claimed them, they were adopted or they were killed.

$5000.00 Reward for Dog Fighting Information

                                               FIGHTING DOGFIGHTING
Who hasn't seen the gut-wrenching videos of dogfighting and  been totally disgusted and deeply angered - while feeling totally helpless.   We think: “how anyone could do such things and how can such people be discovered, stopped and prosecuted under the state’s cruelty to animal laws?

Is Change Coming?

Animal Control may become its own departmentComments 12
February 20, 2011 3:26 AM
With population growth and a rise in recent animal incidents, Onslow County officials say Animal Control would serve residents better as an independent creature. Animal Control has been a division of the county health department since its inception, but a vote Monday by the Board of Commissioners could change that, establishing the Onslow County Animal Services Department and creating a new volunteer position of animal cruelty investigator.

Teddy the Blind Dog

Go to the pages of Rescued or Helped to see a picture of Teddy
Tim    This was a nine year old blind dog that was brought into the Onslow Shelter 12/2/10.  Over two weeks passed and the dog was marked for death the following day.  Gail Wipple from CAPS, Joe and Helen Flood from CASEYS Rescue and Shannon the owner of our local PETSMART sprang into action. Shannon was the foster mom and Lance; the blind dog became the mascot at the store.  Caps found a wonderful new home for Lance, now called Teddy.

Mike McHugh Column on Sheena, Poster Dog of the South

Make sure animals are included in goodwill of the season
December 19, 2010 5:30 AM
The message of this column isn’t an appeal to the caretakers of Monte, Sunny, Jay-Jay, Peaches, Gizmo or Shadow or all the other animals who share a home or, in Jay-Jay’s case, is provided with a comfortable stall with responsible people.
No, the message of this column is about less fortunate animals that only wish to share their existence with a human being and all that’s re

Finding your Lost Pet at the Shelter in Onslow

     If you have lost your pet, go to the shelter and ask to walk through the entire facility to look for your lost pet.  Have proper identification with you to identify yourself and the pet you are looking for  Preferably a picture of your pet and vet records to prove you are the owner.

     If you are denied by any of the shelter staff or management, please contact us immediately.

     It is against NC law 130A-192 a2) to prevent you from viewing every animal in the facility, even in quarantine when searching for your lost pet   At the meeting that was held on the 18th in Jacksonville at the Department of Health Auditorium it appeared that shelter management was not following this law, as they stated no such law exists.

An email that I submitted as a letter to the editor

      Thank you for contacting me in the hope of finding placement for your dog because of your future deployment. I am going to try reaching back to you in the hope to reach the hearts and minds of our military that I so love and respect.  The reason I am doing this is because you obviously love your dog for this is the first time I have had someone trying to re home their pet giving a rescue group a several month time frame in which to do so.

Know your House and Senate representatives

Kimberley Alboumsent a message to the members of .

January 10, 2011 at 10:47am
Subject: Get to know your new representatives!
The NC Legislative website is updated with our new 2011-2012 legislators! It is important that animal advocates send an email of introduction to new legislators and remind those that were here last year that we will continue to work on
animal welfare issues
in this new session.

Find your reps here!