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Animal Law

Only You Can Make A Difference!!

As you watch this video, please think about getting involved in your community to enact laws and ordinances to change what you are seeing.  It's only through your elected officials that you will get the needed changes into law.  You can make the difference!
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The Prayer of St. Francis, This Year, Save One, Foster One, Rescue One Dog

Please Cast Your Vote


Why the North Carolina Animal Welfare Section is important
March 11th, 2011
Created in 2005, this underfunded program has generated significant positive change for the animals of North Carolina and the shelters caring for them. The Animal Welfare Section:

  • Inspects shelters, boarding kennels, pet stores and large rescue groups to ensure the safety of the animals and workers within them
  • Provides on line inspection reports of above listed facilities available to the general public for review at their leisure

Finding your Lost Pet at the Shelter in Onslow

     If you have lost your pet, go to the shelter and ask to walk through the entire facility to look for your lost pet.  Have proper identification with you to identify yourself and the pet you are looking for  Preferably a picture of your pet and vet records to prove you are the owner.

     If you are denied by any of the shelter staff or management, please contact us immediately.

     It is against NC law 130A-192 a2) to prevent you from viewing every animal in the facility, even in quarantine when searching for your lost pet   At the meeting that was held on the 18th in Jacksonville at the Department of Health Auditorium it appeared that shelter management was not following this law, as they stated no such law exists.

The Puppy Mill Project

In Illinois pet stores must now disclose posted information regarding the breeder etc.  Please click on the link to read further.  Would like to join their efforts and have the same law here in NC.  We will be working further on this and will keep you posted.

Grass Roots meeting re: animal control

Here is the link to register for the grassroots meeting in Onslow County regarding animal control.  Please register and attend, this was the meeting that was cancelled in November and the one we all have been waiting for.

New status for animals within the legal system



DAVID FAVRE* (Prof. of Law, Michigan State Univ.)
Conclusion (of article)
As developed in this Article, the proposition that animals can possess legal
rights is already supported by the reality of events within our legal
system. Animals already have a modest variety of legal rights within the
categories of weak (red), strong (blue), and preferred (green) rights.