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The Puppy Mill Project

In Illinois pet stores must now disclose posted information regarding the breeder etc.  Please click on the link to read further.  Would like to join their efforts and have the same law here in NC.  We will be working further on this and will keep you posted.

Grass Roots meeting re: animal control

Here is the link to register for the grassroots meeting in Onslow County regarding animal control.  Please register and attend, this was the meeting that was cancelled in November and the one we all have been waiting for.

New status for animals within the legal system



DAVID FAVRE* (Prof. of Law, Michigan State Univ.)
Conclusion (of article)
As developed in this Article, the proposition that animals can possess legal
rights is already supported by the reality of events within our legal
system. Animals already have a modest variety of legal rights within the
categories of weak (red), strong (blue), and preferred (green) rights.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas Day here in Onslow NC and we are expecting SNOW this afternoon!!!!  I guess the beach walk will have to wait until the New Year. I heard that the meeting that was canceled last November is to occur Jan. 18th.  I will be sending out the invitations as soon as Kim Alboum sends one to me.  I don't think they had anticipated the response that they received in November and that was one of the reasons for canceling it.  Lets show them that our enthusiasm is just as great even though it is freezing.

Merry Christmas

Hi everyone!   It's a wonderful time of year, enjoying family and friends, decorating, baking, buying presents.  I really haven't been doing much of the above.  As our country continues to remove Christ from Christmas it has only driven me deeper into what the season is really about.  If you are not celebrating Christmas, what are you doing.  Getting stressed? Spending money you do not have?  Being pushed into supporting the festival, the holiday or whatever.  The puppy mills and warehouses are churning out those adorable puppies that are going to end up in the shelter because people are not aware of the expense and care that they require.

Another week, another 27 dogs euthanized

Last Friday morning 27 dogs were euthanized. Serena, Chico, Larry,and Bob among them. So many dogs are brought into the shelter every week. No one comes looking for them?  Does anyone care what happens to the pup that one time you welcomed into your home?  You could make it easier if you must re-home your pet.  Contact a rescue group, giving them plenty of time to try and help you. Saying the dog has to be gone now is a no win situation........well maybe for you if you don't care what your pet's outcome will be.