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Rehoming Pet Application for Assistance in Advertising for Placement ONLY 

  • We do not have a facility for animal intake, however, we can assist you with courtesy postings on several sites as long as you or a designate fosterer care for the animal you wish to re-home. 

  •  If for some reason the animal is returned by the adopter, they are to be returned to you or your foster home until another home can be found.

  • At no point are we accepting ownership/possession of this animal. Our function is to serve as an animal welfare liaison, enabling you to find placement for an animal.

  • If you decide to adopt the animal yourself then you will be required to pay for the funding used for veterinary/medical costs that were used to help or benefit said animal.


We will post on Adopt A Pet, PetFinder, Facebook page, in Paw Print Magazine, and will forward contacts to you as long as you remain the foster. 

Depending on the individual situation, we may help provide funding for medical care, spay/neuter flea & tick, heart-worm medication, routine vaccinations, and food until placement can be found. 

The pet must be up to date on all vaccinations and spayed or neutered before re-homing them. 

When we find a forever home, we will ask the adopters for an adoption fee of $150.00 for a dog and $90.00 for a cat to help recover some of our costs to help make our program more sustainable.

 If the animal is not spayed or neutered, fill out an application  for Domestic Animals HERE  or Feral HERE to obtain a voucher for this procedure.    

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