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OCPAW contact and/or request for services application

This is not a Spay/Neuter Application, please go to that page on the site.

We at OCPAW are animal advocates who maintain a program of low cost spay and neuter vouchers for qualified Onslow residents who adopt from any shelter or would like to spay/neuter feral cats on their property.

We also provide:

Insight and information regarding affordable spay/neuter clinics for domestic animals and feral cats.

Education and public awareness of current legislation regarding animal welfare issues.

A commitment to facilitate and empower our County residents who are willing to foster stray companion animals by acting as an Animal Welfare Liaison.

To accomplish this goal since 2009, OCPAW and their Donors have worked tirelessly to provide food, vaccines, needed medical assistance, as well as behavioral counseling to help animals find a new home.

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